South France Restaurant of the Month (Oct 2018)
La Grande Brasserie, Narbonne, Languedoc

My favorite restaurant in Narbonne - the Best Coffee too!

La Grande Brasserie, Narbonne, Languedoc
La Grande Brasserie - the Narbonne restaurant where shopping, dining go hand in hand with the best coffee in Narbonne

Essential lunch at La Grande`Brasserie, Narbonne
Essential lunch at La Grande Brasserie, Narbonne

la gramde brasserie, centre Commercial, Narbonne, A7

La Grande Brasserie, is perfect after that shopping at Narbonne Centre Coomercial for a great bite/drink to eat, coffee, wine, and a terrace too!

Exterior at La Grande Brasserie, Narbonne
Wonderful outside terrace for dining!

La Grande Brasserie,
Centre Commercial,
Boulevard de Creissel, 11100 Narbonne, Aude, Languedoc Tel 04 68 32 76 70

Open Monday to Saturday 08.00 - 20.00.
Closed Sunday.

Contact Us

Agile Design
2 impasse de la Forge,
34210 La Caunette
P: +33 (0) 4 68 42 49 42


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Chateau Coupe-Roses

Early Morning

The river
Awakes me with its
Engine churning

Like a bat
I catch the slither
Of a snake
A car after a party returning

How pretty are these morning colours
In the artist’s pot with his brush
Ready to paint!

Giles Denmark/Mitchell
23 June 2018 16.45 La Caunette

Best French Food

Moules et Frites (Mussels and Chips)
at La Grand Brasserie, Narbonne


Go to La Caunette, and take a walk along the valley of the Cesse, and enter the village by way of a steep valley path where Simon de Montfort, and his army crossed the river branch of the Cesse river to enter the village of Minerve. It's a beautiful walk despite its historic memories of the terrible war against the Cathars